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Malina Kobashi ©2017 Ranae Keane-Bamsey Photography www.EMotionGalleries.com Ala Kahakai Kings Trail Manaola Fashio Designs

©2017 Ranae Keane-Bamsey Photography by http://www.EMotionGalleries.com Love in Hawaii

014MalinaKobayashiphotosRanaeKeanewww.EmotionGalleries.comAlaKahakaiKingsTrailwearingManaolaDesignsFashionHawaiiHawaiiWeddingPhogrographerHawaiiweddingWaikoloaHawaiiPhotographerdestinationweddingphotographer201768089673896740Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail includes a section often referred to as the Kings Trail which at one point linked communities temples fishing areas and other important locations on Hawaii Island. This was also the route the alii of old traveled to visit their people for religious ceremonies and other ritual events.Running for 175 miles from Upolu Point near Hawi through Kona past South Point and all the way to the eastern border of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail was officially formed in 2000 for the purposes of preserving the sensitive ecosystems cultural sites and indigenous species found along its route. The trail in the area of the Kohala Coast beach resorts is part of the first 75 miles to be preserved under the new Historic Trail system and makes for a fascinating day hike.In addition to being the pathway of the alii the original trail was an important transportation corridor for the early Hawaiian people. Although canoes were the principal means of travel the trail allowed for overland transportation of food water building materialsBamseyBig IslandBig Island PhotographerDestinationDestination WeddingDocumentaryHIHalau ManaolaHawaii Wedding PhotographyHawaiian RunwayKailuaKonaKamuelaKealakehe Highschool Senior PhotosKeaneBamseyKings Trail Ala KahkaiKohalaKonaKona wedding photographerLifestyle PhotographyMalina KobayashiManaola Fashion Sesigns Hawaiian garments dressMarriageModern Hula DancerPhotoPortraitWaikolaWaikoloaWaveRidersWedWeddingand other necessities. Fed by connecting trails it also facilitated trade between the shoreline fishing villages and the upland farming villages.Though many of the old trails have been lost to erosion and changing land use with the establishment of the Ala Kahakai National Historic Trail the remaining portions of the main coastline trail will be preserved and protected for future generationsdancedance photographerdocumentemotionfashion photographer Ranae KeaneBamseyhighschool senior photos sessionhulalandscapelava walkwaylave rocklovemovementmusicpahoehoe lavapath lavaphotographerphotographyportrait photographer Ranae KeaneBamsey www.EMotionGalleries.comprint dresssenior photosstone wallsunrise photosessionsunsettraveltropical