Happy Halloween Family Photo Session in the Pumpkin Patch

farm-toddler-fall-pumpkin-patch-little-boy- Photography by Ranae Keane.jpg

My favorite time of year is the fall, with the changing of seasons, the start of the new school session and the anticipation of the holidays. It is also a time to cozy together with family as the air chills. For young children and young parents one of the healthiest and enjoyable family outings is choosing a gourd and holiday decor at the pumpkin patch. What a great play to document with lifestyle and family portraits during Halloween in the pumpkin patch. Children have the chance to learn about agriculture, growth, harvest and the changing of seasons. Often the group will get in a little exercise with walking and lifting…. if you are not being pulled in a wagon like this lucky guy. Sometimes the traditional fall experience can be shared with the family pet and even if the farm does not allow patrons to bring their animals you can still take your Halloween treasures home to display on the doorstep to share with your four legged family members.

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Midwest Family Photography by Ranae Keane.jpg

The images were taken on a country farm in the rural Midwest. Sometimes our return clients ask us to travel with them to document family time together. This is a service we offer only to very special clients. We will make the journey, plane, hotel, train rides etc. when the client has a clear vision in mind.


These are images that the children can look back on decades later and even though they may not have a clear memory of the event they will certainly feel the love and the emotional connection with their parents. When the moment is natural and fun the genuine relationship of parent and child is obvious to all who see.


Photography by Ranae Keane

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