The Best Wedding Ring Detail Shots - Hawaii Wedding Ring Details Our Brides Love

Our brides love detail shots of the rings! Some tips for helping us get the best shot for you!

  • Clean your rings before the wedding.

  • Have all rings and jewelry in one place when the the photographer arrives in your room for the day. It is one of the first shots like to take and then hand the precious pieces off to the people who will be taking care of them for the rest of the day.  If this is taken early in the day, you will never have to take them off once they are put on at your ceremony!

Below are some highlights from our years of photographing weddings.


Some include wedding themes like the beach, royalty, games, coffee, wine, the moon and glam! A few of the rings have unique materials like meteors instead of diamonds for a couple of astronomers who get married! There is also a multibanded ring a groom made himself from melted coins from the last year US coins were made from precious metals.

©2016 Ranae Keane-Bamsey


The bride and groom are astronomers who designed a shooting star metal design and the precious stones are actually meteors!

©2017 Ranae Keane-Bamsey Photography

Melted Coins

The groom made the wedding bands from melted coins from the last year US coins were made from precious metals.


© 2018 Ranae Keane-Bamsey Photography